EverQuest 2 Guides

Everquest 2 Gold Guide

  • The 75 gold per hour strategy
  • Earn a fortune as artisan - includes fast-skill up guide
  • How to increase your harvesting income by 25%
  • Make experience, gain faction and make 30 gold per hour all at the same time
  • The secrets to getting 30% more gold while grouping
  • Named mobs of which you can make a killing
  • Unable to stay on longer than 1 or 2 hours? Strategies for you are included as well.
  • Level by level guide to the best money makers

Everquest 2 Alchemy Guide
  • The fastest, easiest and most efficient ways to reach level 50
  • Top 10 harvesting locations
  • Insider tricks - how to increase your pristine rate and more
  • A complete database of recipes, potions and events
  • A newbie-friendly starter guide that gets you on track in no time
  • Alchemy secrets - there are more than you think

Desert of Flames Guide
  • Desert of Flames Zones overview - never get lost again
  • Top 3 money making opportunities in the DoF expansion
  • Hidden leveling spots in the desert of flames
  • Massive collection of quest walk-throughs
  • Factions made easy - all you need to know
  • Named mobs and raiding encounters
  • Strategy guide to the DoF spells and skills
  • Bestiary database for the complete expansion

Assassin Guide
  • Reach level 50 four times faster than average players
  • Cutting-edge tactics for grouped Assassins
  • Raiding know-how: How to play an end-game Assassin flawlessly
  • Clear answers to skills, their use and what is worth upgrading
  • Assassin weapons - big surprises here for everyone not in the development team
  • Outfitting your character - on a shoestring and efficiently
  • Make 50 gold per hour with assassin specific tactics
  • Last but not least: How to get the highest melee hit on your server

Brigand Guide
  • The ideal brigand powerleveling path to level 60
  • Money making methods for brigands that yield 50 gold per hour
  • Character creation guide that assists first time brigand players
  • Brigand skill analysis and ranking
  • How to play a brigand on raids
  • Brigand items and weapons and how to get them
  • Walk-throughs for brigand quests
  • Solo and grouped strategies written by veterans

Coercer Guide
  • A coercer specific fast-leveling guide from 1 to 60
  • How to make up to 70 gold per hour
  • What you should wear and how to get it
  • Leading edge coercer solo and group tactics
  • Dominate all PvP with ease
  • Getting-started-guide for first time Coercers

Fury Guide
  • How furies make 50 gold per hour
  • Character creation guide for a kick-ass fury
  • Adept and master spell drop locations
  • Soloing strategies engineered for fast-track killing
  • Efficient grouping locations and strategies
  • The right choice of traits, training spells and enemy tactics
  • Raiding tactics and roles for furies

Inquisitor Guide
  • A breakneck pace leveling guide
  • Make a fortune with 50 gold per hour strategies
  • Learn the ropes of Inquisitors with the compact newbie guideline
  • Spells - the list, the strategies, the little tricks
  • Quest walk-throughs that outfit your char in no-time
  • Killer strategies to dominate solo and grouped
  • How raid veterans play their Inquisitors
  • Special: How aspiring Inquisitors can advance their guild

Monk Guide
  • A breakneck pace leveling guide
  • Pulling explained by professionals
  • Learn to use combat arts with true finesse
  • Tanking for monks - the in-depth guide
  • How to increase your damage output by 30%
  • Quest walk-throughs and item hints
  • Statistics and formulas for all monk related game mechanics
  • Raids: Strategies, monk tactics and equipment hints

Ranger Guide
  • How to get from level 1 to 60 faster than any other class
  • Advanced grouping strategies for all levels
  • Ranger skill advice and hints
  • Starter friendly newbie guide including quest walk-throughs
  • An in-depth guide to heroic opportunities
  • Quest walk-throughs from tier 1 to 6
  • All you need to know about crafting for rangers
  • Raids: Strategies, scout tactics and equipment hints
  • How to make 75 gold per hour as a Ranger

Templar Guide
  • A Templar specific gold making guide
  • Leveling strategies and locations for Templars
  • Grouping strategies and situational guidelines
  • Templar items: What to get at what level and how
  • A quick starter guide for first time Templar players
  • Trade skills and you - the must-knows for serious crafters
  • An analysis and recommendations for traits and training spells
  • Raiding role and tactics for Templars including whole raid strategies

EverQuest - Cheats, Memory Hacks, Bots

There are numerous ways how one can cheat his way in Everquest 2. There are dozens of different bugs and exploits, and you mostly get to hear about them in patch notes saying it's fixed.

The most common hacks are:

  • attacking and applying poisons in the same time
  • placing items with any size in any containers
  • always have daylight
  • don't get fall damage
  • longer breath
  • attack and hide or evade in the same time
  • invite players even if you're not the group leader
  • no encumbrance
  • no pushback when taking damage
  • flying
  • ability to walk on water
  • follow any npc
  • moving while stunned
  • ability to see invisible

EverQuest Classes

The following are various classes you can choose to play in Everquest 2. Check it out!

Fighter classes:

Mage classes:

Priest classes:

Scout classes: