EverQuest 2 Guides

Everquest 2 Gold Guide

  • The 75 gold per hour strategy
  • Earn a fortune as artisan - includes fast-skill up guide
  • How to increase your harvesting income by 25%
  • Make experience, gain faction and make 30 gold per hour all at the same time
  • The secrets to getting 30% more gold while grouping
  • Named mobs of which you can make a killing
  • Unable to stay on longer than 1 or 2 hours? Strategies for you are included as well.
  • Level by level guide to the best money makers

Everquest 2 Alchemy Guide
  • The fastest, easiest and most efficient ways to reach level 50
  • Top 10 harvesting locations
  • Insider tricks - how to increase your pristine rate and more
  • A complete database of recipes, potions and events
  • A newbie-friendly starter guide that gets you on track in no time
  • Alchemy secrets - there are more than you think

Desert of Flames Guide
  • Desert of Flames Zones overview - never get lost again
  • Top 3 money making opportunities in the DoF expansion
  • Hidden leveling spots in the desert of flames
  • Massive collection of quest walk-throughs
  • Factions made easy - all you need to know
  • Named mobs and raiding encounters
  • Strategy guide to the DoF spells and skills
  • Bestiary database for the complete expansion

Assassin Guide
  • Reach level 50 four times faster than average players
  • Cutting-edge tactics for grouped Assassins
  • Raiding know-how: How to play an end-game Assassin flawlessly
  • Clear answers to skills, their use and what is worth upgrading
  • Assassin weapons - big surprises here for everyone not in the development team
  • Outfitting your character - on a shoestring and efficiently
  • Make 50 gold per hour with assassin specific tactics
  • Last but not least: How to get the highest melee hit on your server

Brigand Guide
  • The ideal brigand powerleveling path to level 60
  • Money making methods for brigands that yield 50 gold per hour
  • Character creation guide that assists first time brigand players
  • Brigand skill analysis and ranking
  • How to play a brigand on raids
  • Brigand items and weapons and how to get them
  • Walk-throughs for brigand quests
  • Solo and grouped strategies written by veterans

Coercer Guide
  • A coercer specific fast-leveling guide from 1 to 60
  • How to make up to 70 gold per hour
  • What you should wear and how to get it
  • Leading edge coercer solo and group tactics
  • Dominate all PvP with ease
  • Getting-started-guide for first time Coercers

Fury Guide
  • How furies make 50 gold per hour
  • Character creation guide for a kick-ass fury
  • Adept and master spell drop locations
  • Soloing strategies engineered for fast-track killing
  • Efficient grouping locations and strategies
  • The right choice of traits, training spells and enemy tactics
  • Raiding tactics and roles for furies

Inquisitor Guide
  • A breakneck pace leveling guide
  • Make a fortune with 50 gold per hour strategies
  • Learn the ropes of Inquisitors with the compact newbie guideline
  • Spells - the list, the strategies, the little tricks
  • Quest walk-throughs that outfit your char in no-time
  • Killer strategies to dominate solo and grouped
  • How raid veterans play their Inquisitors
  • Special: How aspiring Inquisitors can advance their guild

Monk Guide
  • A breakneck pace leveling guide
  • Pulling explained by professionals
  • Learn to use combat arts with true finesse
  • Tanking for monks - the in-depth guide
  • How to increase your damage output by 30%
  • Quest walk-throughs and item hints
  • Statistics and formulas for all monk related game mechanics
  • Raids: Strategies, monk tactics and equipment hints

Ranger Guide
  • How to get from level 1 to 60 faster than any other class
  • Advanced grouping strategies for all levels
  • Ranger skill advice and hints
  • Starter friendly newbie guide including quest walk-throughs
  • An in-depth guide to heroic opportunities
  • Quest walk-throughs from tier 1 to 6
  • All you need to know about crafting for rangers
  • Raids: Strategies, scout tactics and equipment hints
  • How to make 75 gold per hour as a Ranger

Templar Guide
  • A Templar specific gold making guide
  • Leveling strategies and locations for Templars
  • Grouping strategies and situational guidelines
  • Templar items: What to get at what level and how
  • A quick starter guide for first time Templar players
  • Trade skills and you - the must-knows for serious crafters
  • An analysis and recommendations for traits and training spells
  • Raiding role and tactics for Templars including whole raid strategies